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Web Design Policies

By authorizing and submitting their initial web design payments to Prodigywebs, Inc., the Client agrees to the following web design policies and will follow them unless otherwise agreed upon and discussed in detail with Prodigywebs prior to the initial payment. For amendments, please visit our Web Design Amendment Policy for more information.

After 7 days following project commencement, no refund will be granted. The project team will begin upon processing payment. If a project is cancelled within 7 days of paying for a concept, a cancellation fee of $1,000 will be applied. One page is classified as a concept, unless it’s developed into a full website.

All payments will be provided in full prior to project commencement. Payment must be provided via credit card, processed through our payment gateway, or in special circumstances by PayPal.

Every new project is protected by a one year warranty. For one year of operation, the site will be insured for code-related issues related to display or functionality that hinder the site from functioning as intended on its launch day. This warranty is subject to the Access Policy.

We offer several options for continued project maintenance, such as same-day maintenance and monthly hourly retainer packages. But if either the customer or a third party accesses the back end of the website for any reason, our warranty will be voided and Prodigywebs Ltd. will not be held responsible for any issues related to changes made by a third party.

While our clients retain ownership of our projects once they have been launched, we reserve the right to include our branding, as well as a link to our website, in the copyright footer of this project’s post-launch message unless an alternative agreement between Prodigywebs and the client is made with regards thereto (additional charge will be applied).

Policies may be adjusted to fit in with currently existing policies or at the request of the Client by Ultrabrand. Amendment to one’s policy requires a written agreement between ProdigyWebs and the Client. Policy amendment can occur at any time while Alcoa and the Client are doing business and its effects take hold after the two parties discuss and agree in writing.

We protect the privacy of all of our customers and our clients’ names, likenesses, or outright work may be used to promote our services, display our portfolio of clientele, or disclose relationships with transpire in case any legal requirement.

SEO Policies

By authorizing to submit their first SEO payment to Prodigywebs Ltd., the Client agrees to the policies, exceptions and stipulations listed on our SEO Payment Policy. For policy changes, please see the explanation provided on our SEO Amendments Policy page.

SEO payments are scheduled once a month on the client’s specific payment date (or recurrence date) that is also agreed upon by both the client and Ultrabrand. If you also have a renewal date that falls outside of this month (e.g., the 31st), your payment will be processed on the closest preceding day.

Payment must be provided via credit card and processed through our automated billing gateway.

To cancel SEO services, clients must provide written notice to Prodigywebs Ltd. at least one full month in advance.

Policies may be amended in circumstances where current policies are unfit or by special request by the client. Policy amendment must be discussed and agreed upon in writing between the Prodigywebs Ltd. and the Client. Policy amendment may occur at any time during the business relationship and will take effect after both Ultrabrand and the Client verbally agree and consent to the changes.

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